Pre-Auction Vehicles are vehicles that have been traded in at one of the Northtown Automotive Companies locations and would normally be sent and sold at auction due to either cosmetic or mileage reasons. For this unique program, we will keep these vehicles for a short period of time before being shipped to the auction . During this time, we are allowing our customers and the public the opportunity to purchase these vehicles at near wholesale cost for a hassle free experience. This represents an enormous savings over our front line ready vehicles.

What type of reconditioning is done to a Pre-Auction Vehicle?

To keep the price near wholesale our Pre-Auction Vehicles are not reconditioned to the same extent as our front line ready vehicles. We have a Pre-Auction Vehicle inspection in which the decision is made if the vehicle is offered as part of our Pre-Auction program or sent straight to auction. Once a vehicle is found to have met our Pre-Auction standards, all costs and repairs required for New York State inspection will be included in the sale price of the vehicle (These are items that must be repaired before sale). We will also provide the buyer with a detailed list of repairs or maintenance that is recommended to be done in the near future. All recommended repairs and maintenance will be at the buyer's discretion and expense. All of our vehicles are in condition and repair to render, under normal use, satisfactory and adequate service upon the highway at the time of delivery.

What type of Warranty comes with a Pre-Auction vehicle?

Our Pre-Auction Vehicles are sold with the
required New York State Limited Warranty, if applicable. All repairs, breakdowns, etc, that are not covered by the New York State Limited Warranty will only be repaired at the owners expense.

Can I buy an Extended Warranty?

In most cases an Extended Service Contract is available for your protection at an additional cost.

Can I finance a Pre-Auction Vehicle?

In most cases a Pre-Auction Vehicle may be financed with the terms dependent on the particular vehicle.